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  • Why should I play paintball at Hyperforce?
    Hyperforce is the largest tactical paintball field in Singapore offering more than 40,000 square feet of field playing experience. Our field configuration caters for players of all levels; whether you are recreational, or if you wish for a more immersive tactical experience, we have it!
  • Are paintball missions safe?
    Absolutely! We’ll be lying if we said that there isn’t any pain if you get shot, but the pain is bearable and it's usually what makes paintball games exciting! In general, paintball games are extremely fun, very engaging and safe (if safety procedures are adhered to!)
  • Will paintball paints stain my clothes?
    While the looks of players may look messy and war-torn after each paintball game, the paint from the pellets are actually washable and is water-soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • What is Hyperforce wet weather plan?
    Hyperforce’s fields are all outdoors and are exposed to the forces of mother nature like all paintball fields in Singapore. In the event of wet weather with lightning, or extreme wet weather, Hyperforce will recommend to postpone the game to a different date in lieu of safety. However, if the wet weather is a drizzle or light rain, we may recommend a wet game for a vastly different experience! But not to worry if you’re not keen on getting wet, it’s your choice!
  • Who do I contact for more enquiries?
    The best way is to call, text, or Whatsapp us at +65-8833-4833, or drop us an email at Alternatively, you are ready to make a booking, feel free to make a web booking at our website! We are located here!
  • What should I do upon my arrival at Hyperforce for my game?
    Look for us! Our banners can be well seen right from the gate. Once we receive you, we’ll settle you right in, and get you ready for the game.
  • How do I book an "Mission" at Hyperforce?"
    The easiest way is to book through our website, alternatively you can also drop us a call or text at +65-8833-4833.
  • How do I make a payment?
    We accept most modes of payments e.g.: Cash, Nets, Cheque, Bank Transfer.
  • How long does it take to complete each “Mission”?
    Depending on the level of experience, the teamwork, and also the competitiveness between the teams, each mission usually takes around 30 to 45 mins including gearing up and safety brief!
  • How do I get to Hyperforce?
    We are located at 600 West Coast Road, and is very near Pandan Reservoir. There buses that serve the bus stop are: 51, 143, 176 & 30. Parking lots are also available here and parking is free!
  • Are there shower facilities?
    Yes! We have shower, toilet and changing facilities on site.
  • Can Hyperforce help to arrange food catering?
    Yes! We can definitely provide and/or arrange food/light snack or beverage for your games or events.
  • How many paintballs per game does each person have for each “Mission”?
    Unlike the typical paintball games that charge by number of pellets, every mission at Hyperforce will be based on unlimited pellets, meaning we will load every players’ loader FULL with pellets before each mission. A full loader usually consist of 250 to 300 pellets.
  • Does Hyperforce offer private and customised games or events?
    Yes! If you have a special occasion that you wish to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or to sabo your best mate before his wedding, feel free to contact us to have a event customised for you! We’ve had a guy playing paintball in a wedding gown once, so nothing’s really out of the norm for us here.
  • What is the minimum and maximum no. of people required to book a Private game?
    To enjoy a mission with your own friends, it will be good to come in a group of minimum 4 players. Hyperforce is also able to accomodate massive bookings of 200 pax and above.
  • What is minimum age to play paintball?
    The minimum age to play paintball in Singapore is 14 years old. Unfortunately that is a rule in Singapore that we can not bend around with. If you’re below 14 years old and still want to experience the thrill of tactical missions, we have Foam Missions available as well!
  • What should I wear to play paintball?
    Stormtrooper suits or chainmail armour are highly recommended. Kidding! It will be good to come in (loose fitting) long sleeve shirts and pants, oh, and shoes please! Remember, the more skin you expose, the more susceptible you’d be to getting shot at.
  • Are the equipment provided?
    Yes! Just show up in the appropriate dress code, and Hyperforce will take care of the rest. Typically for a paintball mission, we will provide the markers, masks, and vests. After a few missions and games, if you'd like to have your own set of gears, Hyperforce also has a variety of tactical and speedball gears for sale!
  • What about safety?
    Safety is one aspect that Hyperforce do not compromise on. Each player be required to attend (and hear carefully) a safety briefing prior to the mission. Shooting is restricted to the playing field, target range, and chronograph areas only. The paintball mask is the most important piece of safety equipment in a paintball field. You MUST always keep your mask on in the field. Once in the field, no matter under what circumstances (e.g. end of mission, or mask fogs up, eyes itchy, nose itchy, etc) DO NOT REMOVE YOUR MASK. Paintball pellets hitting you direct in the face and eyes can cause serious injuries. Keep everything on until you exit the field. Hyperforce staff and marshals are committed to making sure that all customers and players have a fun and enjoyable time at the field. However, there might be times, that our marshals will have to be firm and strict where safety is concerned. Don’t be alarmed, because we have your safety and interests at heart. 😁
  • Can I upgrade my weapon for the games?
    Yes. You can upgrade your mechanical marker to an electrical marker at an additional $15.
  • Can I play one more game?
    Yes definitely. Additional missions are charged at $10 per game!
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